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Jenny started her sports career in 2005 as a part-time group fitness instructor and had her first contact with pilates in the same year.

She taught different kinds of group classes (aerobic, stepaerobic, bodypump, stretching, bodyshaping, bootcamp, burn60, African-Indian-dance and aqua stretching) in Germany and Luxembourg (close to the French boarder).

Jenny studied at Peak Pilates which is one of the classical Pilates schools. With over 800 hours of education (training, observing and teaching) she is highly educated with lots of experience.

Classes can be held in English or German.

She keeps herself updated with workshops overseas and is always in contact with Pilates teachers in Europe and America.

PILATES is her passion AND her lifestyle.


This lady came twice a week to groupclass!

With only 2 hours training per week (regular and focused) she worked on her goal: getting a flat tummy for summer!
Summer can come!


Wildfire Pilates - Justine
Wildfire Pilates - Jacky

Pilates has been and is still very much part of my life. It has cured my back problem, obviated the consumption of anti-inflammatories and has just been one of the most rewarding activities that I have ever participated in.

I have so enjoyed your classes which I have found to be so professional, so encouraging and stimulating which I believe is a result of your professionalism, great commitment and dedication.


Wildfire Pilates - Jacky

Hi I'm nearly 8 months pregnant and doing Pilates with Jenny, Pilates has so far helped me with all the aches, pains and stiffness associated with being pregnant. I feel great and have energy because of Pilates.

I would reccomended keeping fit in and out of pregnancy.


Wildfire Pilates - Annette

I suffered from severe tension headaches for many years. I was doing various exercise classes at a gym, which included "pilates". I heard about jenny's classical pilates classes and decided to try this and discovered that the so-called "pilates" classes I was doing, was merely fitness exercises. And wow, what a journey. Gone are my headaches! Jenny has corrected my posture and taught me to relax my body. I love jenny's knowledge of the human body, she will always take your injuries in consideration. It's like having a personal trainer. I feel absolutely wonderful since doing classical pilates.


Wildfire Pilates - Justine

Since starting Pilates at Wildfirepilates I have never felt stronger, leaner and more full of energy in my whole life. Jenny is an excellent teacher, with a huge passion for Pilates and it definitely comes through in her teaching. I recommend Pilates to anyone looking for a full body workout that provides wonderful results.


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